BSO - Framework Principles

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BSS Web Icon.png   Person and caregiver-directed care is the overarching principle

  • Everyone is treated with respect and accepted "as one is"
  • Person and caregiver/family/social supports are the driving partners in care decisions
  • Respect and trust characterize relationships between staff and clients and care providers

BSS Web Icon.png   Six supporting principles bring these concepts to life for those making daily decisions about care

  • Behaviour is communication - Behaviours are an attempt to express distress, solve problems or communicate unmet needs. They can be minimized through interventions based on understanding the person and adapting the environment or care to satisfy the individual?s needs. 
  • Diversity - Practices value the language, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, beliefs/traditions, and life experiences.
  • Collaborative care - Accessible, comprehensive assessment/interventions include shared interdisciplinary plans of care that rely on input and direction from the client and family members.  
  • Safety - A culture of safety and well-being is promoted where older adults and families live and visit and where staff work. 
  • System coordination and integration - Systems are built upon existing resources and initiatives. Partners to enable access to the range of needed, integrated services and supports.
  • Accountability and sustainability - The accountability of the system, health and social service providers and funders to each other is defined and ensured.