Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)

LHINs bring together health care partners from the following  sectors ? hospitals, community care, community support services, community mental health and addictions, community health centres and long-term care across Ontario? to develop innovative, collaborative solutions leading to more timely access to high quality services for the residents of Ontario.  By supporting these important partnerships, LHINs are ensuring that Ontarians have access to an effective and efficient health care system that delivers improved health care results and a better patient experience.   

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) 

LHIN-BSO Resource Pages, Action Plans and Contacts

  • Central (CEN) - BSO Reource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Ashley Hogue, Senior Planner, email:
  • Central East (CE) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Brian Laundry, Lead, Quality Improvement and Evaluation, email: . 
  • Central West (CW) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Mark Edmonds, email:
  • Champlain (CH) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Kevin Barclay, email:  
  • Erie St. Clair (ESC) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Christina Stergiou, LHIN BSO Regional Coordinator, email:
  • Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan 
    • Contact: Laurie Fox, BSO Implementation Project Lead, email:
  • Mississauga Halton (MH) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Michelle Collins, Senior Lead Health Systems Performance Management, email:   
  • North East (NE) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan 
    • Contact: Valerie Scarfone, Senior Officer, email:  .
  • North West (NW) - BSOResource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Brent Maranzan, Senior Planning & Integration Consultant, email:   
  • North Simcoe Muskoka (NSM) - BSO Resource Page  | Action Plan | North Simcoe Muskoka - Healthline
    • Contact: Susan Plewes, email:  
  • South East (SE) - BSO Resource Page  | Action Plan Part A | Action Plan Part B  
    • Contact: Rick Giajnorio, email:
  • South West (SW) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan Part A | Action Plan Part B 
    • Contact: Kelly Simpson, Regional Coordinator for Seniors Regional Psychogeriatric Program, email:   
  • Toronto Central (TC) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan 
    • Contact: Behavioral Supports for Seniors Program, email: 
  • Waterloo Wellington (WW) - BSO Resource Page | Action Plan
    • Contact: Lisa Bitonti-Bengert, Senior Manager, Health System Integration, Email: