Library Services & Recommended References

SHRTN Library Service

The SHRTN Library Service is free for any paid caregiver working with seniors in Ontario (long-term, home and community care). The SHRTN Library Service is managed by a Librarian and staffed by trained Information Specialists located in sites across Ontario. The SHRTN library service:

  • Go Backfacilitates access to current, evidence-based information
  • supports the transfer of research knowledge into best practice
  • raises information literacy through coaching and training
  • helps implement SHRTN?s vision
  • Information Specialist Role

The SHRTN Library Service team meets the information needs of paid caregivers working in seniors? healthcare. Together, they provide a helpful and human interface to the sometimes complex and daunting world of published information. Knowledge transfer is most effective when that knowledge is informed by an analysis of the best available evidence. SHRTN Information Specialists are qualified librarians or library technicians. They know their clients and are experts in the field of seniors? healthcare information. They are adept at understanding client information needs and at finding manageable, relevant, evidence-based resources to meet these needs....more

Contact: Lindsay Ogilvie, Information Specialist

The Alzheimer Society of Toronto Resource Centre

  • View Online Catalogue - The collection includes books, DVDs, talking books, periodicals, and electronic texts which may be downloaded. Links are provided to online dementia information in over 90 different languages.
  • Recommended References - New Journals and New Materials

Contact: Margaret Cameron, Information Resources Coordinator